CardNav App specifically for your First Eagle Debit Card! This free app adds another level of security to your debit card by letting you decide when and how your card can be used. With CardNav, you can:

  • Turn your cards on and off
  • Limit locations where your card may be used
  • Set thresholds for transaction amounts
  • Specify the types of transactions and merchants where your card can be used
  • Receive real-time alerts regarding card activity
  • Set personal spending limits to help stay within your budget
  • Use with your smartphone or tablet

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Learn Why CardNav Might Be the Coolest App Ever

How It Works

         Download the CardNav app to get started!   cardnav-icon


Help Us Fight Fraud!

CardNav gives you the power to restrict your card from being used at businesses you don’t frequent, for amounts you wouldn’t charge, and locations you wouldn’t be in, which allows you to spot card fraud and respond in real-time.

Example 1 – You primarily use your card for groceries and gas. Download the CardNav app and set controls that match the intended use. Block the card from being used for: online purchases, amounts more than your average grocery bill and outside of your local area.

Example 2 – You use your card for everything! Download the CardNav app and set controls to send a message, to your mobile phone, anytime a transaction is made with your card. If you receive an alert for a purchase you didn’t make, use the app to immediately ‘turn off’ your card and prevent any further fraudulent use.

Protect your card with real-time control! Set the terms for when, where and how your card is used – anytime, anywhere. Download the CardNav app to get started.