Cellular Telephone Protection¹ – available for Premier and Essential Checking accountholders.

Cell phones are part of our daily lives. Replacing them if they are stolen or damaged can be costly. As an eligible account holder you can receive up to $300 of Cellular Telephone Coverage to reimburse the cost of replacing or repairing your device. This valuable protection covers you whether you are at home or abroad. Guide to Benefit

Call the Benefit Administrator at 1-877-610-7889 within 60 days of damage or theft. Please note: If you do not give such notice within 60 days after the damage or theft, your claim may be denied.

  • A completed and signed claim form
  • Copies of your account statement reflecting the entire monthly payment for the month preceding the date of damage or theft
  • A copy of your phone provider billing statement that corresponds with the above account statement
  • A copy of your original phone purchase receipt or other sufficient proof
  • If the claim is due to theft or criminal action, a copy of the police report filed within 48 hours of the occurrence
  • If the claim is due to damage, a copy of an insurance claim or other sufficient report
  • If the claim amount is less than your personal homeowner’s, renter’s or automobile insurance deductible, a copy of your insurance policy personal declaration page
  • Documentation (if available) of any other settlement on the claim
  • Any other documentation deemed necessary to substantiate your claim

Depending on the nature and circumstances of the damage or theft, the Benefit Administrator may choose to repair or replace the phone or reimburse the accountholder for the lesser of a) $300 excess of the $50.00 deductible b) the current suggested retail price of a replacement phone of like kind and quality

  • Phone accessories other than standard battery and/or standard antenna provided by the manufacturer
  • Phones purchased for resale, professional or commercial use
  • Phones that are lost or ‘mysteriously disappear’ – mysterious disappearance means the vanishing of an item in an unexplained manner where there is no evidence of a wrongful act by a person or persons
  • Phones under the care and control of a common carrier
  • Phones stolen from baggage unless hand-carried and under your personal supervision
  • Phones stolen from a construction site
  • Phones which have been rented, leased, borrowed or are received as part of a pre-paid plan or ‘pay as you go’ type plan
  • Cosmetic damage or damage that does not impact the phone’s ability to make or receive calls
  • Damage or theft resulting from abuse, intentional acts, fraud, hostilities of any kind, etc.
  • Damage or theft resulting from misdelivery or voluntary parting with the phone
  • Replacement phone not purchased from a service provider’s retail or internet store (or authorized reseller)
  • Taxes, delivery and transportation charges, and any fees associated with the service provider

1Special Insurance Program Notes:  The description herein is a summary only.  It does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy described.  Please refer to the actual policy for complete details of coverage and exclusions.  Insurance is offered through the company named on the certificate of insurance. Refer to Guide to Benefit for complete details of coverage. Insurance Products are not a deposit of or guaranteed by the Credit Union or any Credit Union Affiliate and are not insured by the NCUA or Any Federal Government Agency.