Club Accounts (Christmas & Vacation)

A First Eagle club account is a convenient and easy way to save for a special event, holiday shopping, or an annual vacation. Take advantage of optional payroll deduction and direct deposit or automatic transfers from your other First Eagle accounts and  make reaching your savings goal a breeze.

Dividends are paid at the end of the Club year. Balance plus dividends are rolled into the Prime Share account at the end of the Club year. Early withdrawal will result in loss of dividends, plus a fee of $3.00 per withdrawal.

With First Eagle’s Club Account, saving for special events has never been easier!


  • October payout or flexible payout date – your choice
  • Automatic or pay-as-you-go deposit options
  • Deposit from payroll, transfers or in person
  • Dividends earned on daily balance of $100 or more

Christmas Club

You can open a First Eagle Christmas Club account any time during the year. Then, continue to deposit funds, whether through transfers from your other accounts, with a direct deposit from your paycheck, or by making deposits in the branch, and you’ll also earn dividends. Before you know it the balance will grow and the funds saved will automatically be transferred to your primary Savings account during the first week of October. Just in time for shopping, and planning those great holiday celebrations. It’s an old-fashioned idea with a great result!

*Early withdrawal fees will apply

Vacation Club

Much like the Christmas Club account, you can deposit funds and earn dividends, but with First Eagle’s Vacation Club account, you can open it at any time of the year. This makes it the perfect option to save for summer vacations, spring break, or a special event. Have trouble saving for that special trip? Set up a direct deposit from your paycheck and the money will add up quickly. Funds saved will be automatically transferred to your primary savings account during the first week of May.

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