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So what exactly is a credit union? In the most basic sense, a credit union is an institution that is administered by its members for the purpose of pooling together money from these very members. And rather than making a profit, the credit union gives that money back to its members in the form of better interest rates, lower fees, or higher dividend rates. It is a true cooperative.

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First Eagle: A Lifelong Financial Partner for Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Employees

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Business Meeting SEGFirst Eagle at Work Benefits
Offer a financial wellness and benefits program that your employees will truly appreciate – all at no cost to you! Your employees, contractors and volunteers will get the tools they need to achieve greater financial stability and manage their money more easily.

Reduce Financial Stress
Reducing financial stress and empowering employees to successfully manage their money is an integral part of any wellness program. It’s our job to help your employees take control of their finances and incorporate positive financial behaviors into their daily lives to improve their financial well-being.

Guidance Your Employees Can Trust
With First Eagle, your employees get a lifelong financial partner. We are here to help with every important financial decision your employees will make, from buying a car or home to saving for college and retirement.

Join Our Current Business Partners
Adding this program to your employee benefits package will help set your company apart in the marketplace, and can help attract and retain the best, most loyal employees. Remember – there’s no cost to add this program, no contracts to sign and no added administrative burdens.

Couple 2 SEGHelp Your Employees Achieve Their Financial Goals
Improve employee satisfaction, productivity and retention with a financial employee benefits program. Add First Eagle at Work by completing our application and start delivering these great benefits to your employees.

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First Eagle: A Lifelong Financial Partner for Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Employees