Which card to use?

Both cards have great features and offer convenience when making a purchase. But how do you choose the proper card?

Check Card

These are used when you have the funds today, as cash is withdrawn from your checking account when a purchase is made.

  • You are not liable for fraudulent charges; however, there are no charge-back rights  such as those offered on a credit card. Care should be taken when using a check card online or for large purchases. Check cards should not be used to secure a hotel or rental car, as the merchant may place excessive holds on your checking account.
  • Approval is based on your checking account balance-a hold is placed until the charge clears.
  • Use this card for daily purchases such as groceries, gas, and other retail purchases.
  • A check card can also be used at an ATM for cash withdrawals up to $400 per 24-hour period.

Credit Card

These are used when you want to pay for something later. You have a line of credit available to you and you can either pay in full or make monthly payments.

  • You are not liable for unauthorized charges.
  • MasterCard offers purchase protection and will assist you with merchant disputes and charge-backs.
  • Credit cards are safe for online purchases when using a secure site.
  • Use this card for small or large purchases or to secure a hotel or rental car.
  • May be used at an ATM or a financial institution for cash advances. Interest is charged starting on the day of the advance.

NOTE: International Fees for MasterCard Check/Credit Transactions:  Mastercard will impose a 3% fee for all international charges. This is not a Credit Union charge and is non-refundable.