TruStage – formerly MEMBERS Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program
You can trust First Eagle to provide you and your family with quality products and services to meet your financial needs. We’ve joined with a dedicated team of insurance professionals to bring you the TruStage Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program.

• TruStage Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program is the property and casualty coverage solutions preferred by credit unions and their members.
• Access convenient e-service, pay your bill or make changes to your policy, even report a claim.
• Receive fast, easy access to claims service 24 hours a day.
• Obtain a free, no-obligation quote. Call 1-855-992-3492 or visit TruStage for more information.

MEMBERS® Life & Accident Insurance
Your membership at First Eagle affords you many benefits. One of these benefits is the availability of Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance. At First Eagle, we believe in your financial security. That’s why we’ve made available this important coverage to help protect your future. As a part of our family, you can get valuable protection at affordable rates. For details, click here.

UBS – Car Buying Service
(Only available for members residing in MD, DC and VA)

For 50 years UBS has been a powerful tool in the hands of credit union members who need to purchase a new car, truck, or SUV The UBS discount is published and much different from what consumers routinely find advertised by ‘internet based’ services and dealer websites. Because UBS does not inflate its discount by deducting rebates and incentives customers will not qualify for. In addition, all regional charges such as factory freight and advertising are included in the UBS price (UBS does not use national averages or omit these items altogether). So the UBS discount price is an out the door price (plus taxes, tags, and processing fee) from which valid factory incentives and rebates are deducted at time of delivery. Best of all, unlike all other car buying services, internet apps, and websites, UBS has an audit and refund policy. So UBS is the only car buying service that can get a customer’s money back in cases of discrepancy. Digital Price Book

How to use the UBS car buying service:
To utilize the UBS car buying service all a member needs to do is contact UBS via 410-792-9070 or click on before going to a dealership. UBS takes it from there. Typical phone referrals are accomplished in 2 to 3 minutes. With the member receiving the name of the UBS affiliated dealer, the phone number to call, and the name of the UBS representative at the authorized UBS dealer.

Family Memberships
Any immediate family member may join the credit union and is eligible for all services. A member may have payroll deduction to a family member’s account. Deposits, withdrawals and loan payments may also be made over the counter, by mail or ACH. New members, click here

Payroll Deductions
Convenient for all Credit Union share and loan accounts. Automatic deductions may be made for more than one account, including cross accounts. Any member signing up for payroll deductions on a weekly commission payroll must maintain at least 2 weeks’ deductions in their Share account. Members may make payroll deposits in the form of a total or split direct deposit.

Direct Deposit
It makes your life easier! This service is available to all members for deposit into a Checking or Share account. Government pension, Social Security and any company payroll checks that provide direct deposit, plus tax returns, can be accepted by the Credit Union.

Automatic Transfers
Many types of automatic transfers can be made within a member’s account.

Money Orders
Available at all locations.

24 Hour Audio Teller
Balance inquiries, share withdrawals, transfers, and etc. 24 hours a day. Available by calling either 443-548-8004 or 800-368-5970.

Wire Transfers and ACH Debits
No fee for incoming wires. Have your mortgage payment or other recurring payments automatically deducted from your checking account.