Holiday Helper – Skip-A-Pay

With the holidays approaching, First Eagle is extending holiday help – skip a loan payment!

Qualified members** may be able to skip their November, December or January loan payment. Have more than one qualified loan? Skip them all! Enjoy some extra cash and spend your loan payment on yourself, loved ones, make a charitable donation…whatever you want.

To skip your loan payment, simply complete a Skip-a-Payment Request Form and return it to us by mail, by fax or in person!

The form requires the completion of 3 easy steps:

  1. Your information – name and account number
  2. Your loan information – loan number(s) and description
  3. The month you want to skip your payment(s)

A $25.00 processing fee must be paid in advance of each loan payment you choose to skip.

*By completing and signing a Skip-a-Payment Request, you authorize First Eagle to advance your loan due date by one month and understand that this may extend the maturity date of your loan. A $25.00 processing fee must be paid in advance for each loan which you choose to skip payment. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance during the month you skip your payment and when payments resume, the unpaid interest will be collected first. **Members must be in good standing and all loans must be current to participate. First Eagle reserves the right to refuse any Skip-a-Payment Request. Payments made through payroll deduction or direct deposit will be transferred to your primary Share Savings account during the month you choose to skip and will be subsequently available for withdrawal. First mortgages, second mortgages, Mastercard Credit Cards, Payday loans and loans newer than four months are not eligible for this program.

¹GAP policies allow up to two skipped payments during the life of the loan. More than two skipped payments will cause the cancellation of your GAP policy.