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Savings Account Fees

Prime Share 00

  • Withdrawal Fees
    Up to 6 Withdrawals per month
    ($3 for each additional withdrawal)
  • Money Market
    Up to 6 Withdrawals per month
    ($3 for each additional withdrawal)
  • Excessive Withdrawal Fee
    Up to 6 Withdrawals per month
    ($3 for each additional withdrawal)
  • Share 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 Excessive Withdrawal Fee
    1 Withdrawal per month allowed
    ($3 for each additional withdrawal)

Checking Account Fees

Description Amount
Overdraft (NSF) fee: $ 29.00 per item
Debit Card Replacement fee: $ 7.50 per card
NSF Transfer fee: $ 3.00 per item; if more than 6 withdrawals per the month
Stop Payment fee: $ 29.00 per item
Check Printing fee: $ Prices may vary depending on style.
Copy of Draft fee: $ 2.00 per item
Checks Written on Closed Accounts fee $ 29.00 per check
Counter Check fee: $ 1.00 per check
  • Essential Checking 
    A monthly maintenance fee of $3.50 if accountholder receives at least $250 in direct deposits, or ACH credits, per month (Otherwise $5.00 per month); fee waived for full-time students under the age of 25
  • Premier Checking
    No monthly maintenance fee if minimum balance, of $2,000 cumulative balances, is maintained (Otherwise $5.00 per month)
  • Freedom Checking
    No monthly maintenance fee
  • Simple Checking
    A monthly maintenance fee of $5.00 per month; no minimum balance required

Other Service Fee (Applicable to All Accounts)

Account Reconciliation fee: $ 10.00 per ½ hour; minimum $10.00.
Paper Statement fee: $3.00 per statement*
Statement Copy fee: $ 5.00 per copy
Wire Transfer (incoming) fee: $10 per transfer
Wire Transfer (outgoing) fee: $ 25.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer Int’l fee: $ 50.00 per transfer
Certified Check fee: $ 5.00 per check
Money Order fee: $ 2.00 per money order
Account Closure fee: $ 10.00 if closed within 90 days of opening
Third Party Cashier Check fee: $ 5.00 per check
Garnishments, Levies: $ 50.00 each
Account Activity Printout: $ 3.00
Verification of Deposit fee: $ 10.00
Return Mail fee: $ 2.00
Return Item Fee: $ 15.00 per item (Third Party)
Return Item Fee: $ 29 (2nd Party) drawn on maker
Dormant Acct. Fee (inactive account after a period of 2 yrs.) $5.00 per month
Club Account Early Withdrawal Fee $3.00 per withdrawal; plus a loss of dividends
Check Cashing Fee for non-members $5.00 per check

*The paper statement fee will be waived for those members under age 18, and those members born before 01/01/1948.



Mastercard Fees

Late payment Fee $ 27.00
Returned Payment Fee $ 27.00
PIN Replacement Fee $ 10.00
Card Replacement Fee $ 10.00
Rush Card Replacement Fee $ 35.00
Statement/Document Copy Fee $ 2.00
Statement/Document Research Fee $ 25.00 per hour, minimum $25.00
Cash Advance Fee $10.00 or 3.00% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater
Foreign Transaction Fee** Up to 3.00% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Monthly Service Fee

**NOTE: International Fees for Mastercard Debit/Credit Transactions: Mastercard will impose a fee up to 3.00% for all international charges. This is not a credit union charge and is non-refundable. Be aware that some internet companies may not disclose that they are based outside of the US. These purchases will incur an international fee.

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer/Inquiry fee: $ 2.00 per Withdrawal/Transfer (first 2 free from Prime Shares)
Eight (8) ATM Withdrawal/Transfer/Inquiries per month for Essential Checking Account without a charge: $ 2.00 each Withdrawal/Transfer Inquiry after eight (8) per month
Four (4) ATM Withdrawal/Transfer/Inquiries per month for Simple Checking Account without a charge: $ 2.00 each Withdrawal/Transfer Inquiry after four (4) per month
Premier Checking Unlimited ATM Withdrawals per month without a charge
Audio PIN Replacement fee: $ 7.50 per PIN
Debit Card Replacement fee: $ 7.50 per card
ACH Stop Payment fee: $ 29.00
ACH NSF Return fee: $ 29.00

Credit Union Membership

Membership Share $ 5.00 par value
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