Don’t just dream it. Flex it.

Our Flex Auto Loan gives you a selfieworthy car at a payment you can afford!

First Eagle Flex Auto Loan

It may seem that the car of your dreams is just out of financial reach. But with the First Eagle Flex Auto Loan, we can make that dream car yours. For real. And for less than you thought possible.

Unlike traditional auto financing, our Flex Auto Loan gives you the power to get the car you want, and with monthly payments you can afford even up to 40% lower, helping you to pay hundreds less each month.

Payments up to 40% lower than conventional financing

  • Terms up to 72 months
  • For new and used cars ,pickups, and SUVs up to five years old
  • You own the vehicle!
  • No hidden fees, early payoff penalty, or back end surprises
  • Flexible mileage options from 12,000 to 18,000 per year with excess miles only 10¢ each
  • You choose your auto insurer
  • Free local return option even if you move
  • Realistic residual value based on the loan term to save you more if you keep your vehicle

The Power of the Auto Flex Loan

With the Flex Auto Loan, you get an innovative, powerful purchase option that splits the loan into the part of the car’s value you use and the part you don’t. The result is lower payments with more flexibility to get the car you really want.

To Keep or Not to Keep

If you decide anytime throughout or at the end of your term you don’t want to keep your vehicle, you can sell it and pay the loan balance (including residual value) and pocket the difference. Or you can trade it in with the loan balance and residual value included in the transaction. Love the car? Keep it and refinance the residual loan value. Or, if you‘re ready to flex a new vehicle at the end of your term, simply return it and walk away with nothing more to pay.

Get the Flexible Solution

The car you want can be yours. So stop dreaming and start driving with First Eagle Flex Auto Loan. Apply for your Flex Auto Loan now!

Loan rates and terms are determined by each individual’s credit history, underwriting factors and loan-to-value and are subject to change without notice.  Applications are subject to credit approval.  Speak to a loan specialist for more details.

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